When I Saw You

When I saw you
My heart says, oh no!
Racing like a beast
Like I’m late on a feast.

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I Won’t Stop

I won’t stop dreaming of you
Even at night and day
I can’t even let you go
Because there is no way.

I won’t stop thinking of you
Even if my head get exhausted
I don’t mind if it’s for you
Because you’re all I wanted.

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Passing By

Things happen unexpectedly. I was just busy fixing myself and suddenly, someone I know saw you across the street.

Upon hearing your name, a sudden jolt of excitement feels my heart. Feeling “ewan” or what we called, don’t know what to do.

Am I going the look at him at this exact moment? Am I going to act like I hear nothing? Am I going to ignore him? Am I going to do nothing? Questions formed into my mind.

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A Companion

Dogs are the mans best friend…but it could been cats too. 

Cats are the mans companion, they are sweet little creator that let us take our stress and give us smile ☺. A stress reliever when we call it. They can take away our problems.

They were adorable, huggable, caring, etc. Making them our own is their happiness. They “meow” everytime they were touched. 

It’s the best way to keep them, to love them, and care them because they were God’s gift.