Can we Switch?

Imagine you as me and me as you, how do you feel then? πŸ˜‘

Like I always wandered, switching personalities. What will happen to the two of us, can I like myself and you will like yours too?

Putting in someone else’s shoe can make you imagine and think more of what ifs.

  • What if we will be falling in love with each other?
  • What if I asked you that you’re mine?
  • What if I am going to confess my feelings?
  • What if I realized I’m blinded?
  • What if these feelings are untrue?
  • What if I regret liking you?
  • What if you know what’s not?

After those questions, how do you feel then?

If I’m on your physical body, maybe I can tell what’s wrong with my personalities. I can say thatΒ “Ahh, that’s why I did those things.” Maybe I can notice what I’m doing if we were like 1 meter away.

If I am you, I’m enjoying my high school days with my friends as of this moment. Having lunch together with my friends. Reminiscing about those days when it’s five o’clock in the afternoon strikes, we went on the plaza to have some chitchats and a long story about what happened to us on the whole day of classes. Talking to each other about our crushes, even badmouthing our teachers and classmates. So fun being a high school student. My mind’s not so sharp but I can still remember those days. I can see through you, my high school version of me.

What if you’re with my body and see through me, what you’re going to say about myself? Can you tell me that we’re connected too?

PS: My simple thought after seeing those high school students combining my wild imagination. It‘s like reminiscing my old version of me.

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