Cutie Cat


Chuching | Ilaya, Bugasong, Antique

Chuching is a wild cat. He is our pet. A cute and adorable cat.

It’s awkward because she always hide when we have visitors in our house.

But overall, he’s a nice cat. Sweet-loving animal. I love him, I love all of them. 😊


Bamboo stick is decaying but as you can see something’s growing from it, something beautiful and nice to see. It is because of the rain that poured into it. 

I took this picture when I was going to my grandmother at the mountainous area. 😊

Don’t Scare Them

A fierce look of Chuching, our tabby cat.

A fierce look of Chuching, our tabby cat.

Animals can easily be scared especially when they were wild. Chuching is one of them, he is male. He loves to play with his brother, Akring. He is not close with strangers, everytime he sees them, just like wind, he disappears. We’re having fun of him especially when he is playing by his own self, biting his own tail and even more.

I capture this image when Chuching was looking outside the window. I take that as an opportunity, so I grabbed my camera, went outside and tada! A cut little wild tabby cat of ours is afraid and has a fierce looking effect, as you can see on his eyes.