Passing By

Things happen unexpectedly. I was just busy fixing myself and suddenly, someone I know saw you across the street.

Upon hearing your name, a sudden jolt of excitement feels my heart. Feeling “ewan” or what we called, don’t know what to do.

Am I going the look at him at this exact moment? Am I going to act like I hear nothing? Am I going to ignore him? Am I going to do nothing? Questions formed into my mind.

Instead, I acted normal as I always do. I just ignore my surroundings as if nothing happens. I just simply bend my vision towards you without them noticing my actions.

I saw it again! That looks, that smile, that gestures of you. My G, I’m gonna die this instant! My heart goes into an emergency situation where I felt I’m losing blood, bleeding like there’s no tomorrow. My head spinning like I’m on Ferris Wheel. My eyes getting hurt that I can’t see you clearly, my contacts are KJ (Kill Joy) ever. I wanna pull it but I can’t do that either.

As our vessel passing by, I just took a photo for remembrance because I want this moment to remember until the very end, even if hindi maging tayo (we can’t be together).

Thank you for giving me inspiration until now. Just keep who you are, I mean no harm to you by the way (haha). Just looking at you far away, I’m already satisfied. Nothing more, nothing less.

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