Meows 🐱 


Mimings | Ilaya, Bugasong, Antique

Chuching, Bokrang, Chuchay, and Dapya were sleeping. 😴 

So adorable cats. They’re one family, they loved each other. 

Cutie Cat


Chuching | Ilaya, Bugasong, Antique

Chuching is a wild cat. He is our pet. A cute and adorable cat.

It’s awkward because she always hide when we have visitors in our house.

But overall, he’s a nice cat. Sweet-loving animal. I love him, I love all of them. 😊

In the Darkness 

Light in Darkness

Light in Darkness | Patnongon, Antique

Darkness, where we can’t see anything. All around us is black, we can’t even walk because we’re afraid that we might fall. We don’t know if there were obstacles in front of us. 
Color black represents dead or no life, it may also represents “rest” because we can’t see anything when we’re asleep.

Darkness, is a challenge for all of us on how we handle ourselves when blackout comes unto us. It tests our faith with our mighty creator, on how strong we are to face that obstacles we might encounter.

When situations comes like that, don’t be afraid of, with your strong heart and faith with the Lord you will overcome it. They say “face you fears”, then do it! You can do it! Just trust yourself because when there is darkness, there is a light that guides your way. Be blessed, keep your faith strong and always keep praying. 🙏

Limestone Factory 

Hornohan | Bgry. Mabini, Buenavista, Guimaras

Limestone Factory or “Hornohan”. This factory not using any machine to produce a fine limestone.

This mountain is composed of limestones. So amazing, so beautiful mountain full of white rocks. Its white looks like a powder. So wonderful to see combined with those green trees 🌲 on it. 

I wonder why some trees or should I say most of the trees and plants can live and grow on white rocks, without even a plain soil.