Tiny Kitten

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This little kitten name Kurdapya, she’s so very hyper. Playing this and that inside our house. Jumping, running, tumbling and many other. She’s so sweet and we love her so much and the rest of her siblings and her mother.

A Companion

Dogs are the mans best friend…but it could been cats too. 

Cats are the mans companion, they are sweet little creator that let us take our stress and give us smile ☺. A stress reliever when we call it. They can take away our problems.

They were adorable, huggable, caring, etc. Making them our own is their happiness. They “meow” everytime they were touched. 

It’s the best way to keep them, to love them, and care them because they were God’s gift. 

Don’t Scare Them

A fierce look of Chuching, our tabby cat.

A fierce look of Chuching, our tabby cat.

Animals can easily be scared especially when they were wild. Chuching is one of them, he is male. He loves to play with his brother, Akring. He is not close with strangers, everytime he sees them, just like wind, he disappears. We’re having fun of him especially when he is playing by his own self, biting his own tail and even more.
I capture this image when Chuching was looking outside the window. I take that as an opportunity, so I grabbed my camera, went outside and tada! A cut little wild tabby cat of ours is afraid and has a fierce looking effect, as you can see on his eyes.