I Won’t Say (I’m In Love)

“No hopes, not anymore. I’ll stop and go on living.” I said to myself.

As time goes by, my feelings slowly gone and didn’t feel anything. I tried my best, listening to the classic OPM (Original Pinoy Music) songs to ease the pain I’m bearing.

Suddenly, there were instances even I can’t explain why. I got notified and my eyes got wide open and I can’t believe it’s you. It is really you! I double checked, and it’s you. Am I dreaming? But I’m wide awake. I slap my own self, nothing changed! Excitement fills my heart.

What did I do? Is it destined? Is it God’s way to get closer with you?


They say I’m in love
Like a flying dove
No I’m not, I said
But I feel in glade.

I won’t say I’m in love
Even I smell like a clove
My aroma get diffused
But I won’t say it, I’m confused.

Why did you suddenly appear?
I am completely in fear
Like I am in nowhere
Especially when you glare.

And what did you say
That I am your heroine?
To be honest, we’re same
Your my idol and that I claim.

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