The Post


The Post | Guimaras State College, McLain, Buenavista, Guimaras

The post that carries all the burden just to hold something important.

This scenario applies in real life, sometimes, we carry the burden just to protect something special, something that is fragile. Even though tension is too much, instead we surpass the stress by praying because praying is our best shield for all the problems we are facing.

Always remember, there are lots of people loves you. Burdens are just a test how strong we are but if we were going to protect someone even if we are hurt just like a post, we must remember and think carefully if that someone is worth in our life.


The StreetsΒ 

The Streets | Buenavista, Guimaras

It may seem darker and how horrific this photo is but what lies does it keep? Is it a bad omen or a good fortune that may come into us if we were going to get through and take this path? 

All that questions that comes into our minds and no one can answer that except you. If we were going to take the risk and delve into this street, who knows in the end there will be light? A light that can lead our way to see things clearer as it was before. 

How we will know if we don’t try, right? Just take a little breath, pray that everything will be alright, and always have faith. 

Pink Heart 🍌

Pink Heart

Pink Heart of Banana | New Poblacion, Buenavista, Guimaras

I bought my viand at the carenderia (small store of food). On my way home, I saw this banana like plant with this pink little flower or what we called in our own dialect “Puso ng Saging” (Heart of the Banana). 

I was amazed because of its color, it’s pink. Super cute. 

This kind of banana is for decoration purpose only, it is not suitable to eat but we have lots of bananas in our country with different kinds. 🍌