Never an US

Pinagtagpo lang tayo pero hinding-hindi itinadhana.

A quote that engraved sadness and unhappiness to my heart. It didn’t bring any hope to my life being with you. Instead, it causes more heartaches and broken feelings.

I am writing this while riding on the bus and I was thinking of my picture holding a teddy bear if what article could suffice that scene.

I was hoping that we are connected right now but that’s impossible. How I wish we’re friends, you’re going to ask me and I’ll tell you what happened and what are my experiences at Jamindan, Capiz.

Just in case anyone reads this, imagine you’re him and I’m yours. I left my workplace without thinking I would leave you but promise, I’ll keep thinking of you until I’ll come back.

“My G! Why he’s here beside me?” It’s like I’m going to burst from extreme happiness. He is standing 10 feet from me directly at the line of my sight but I can clearly saw every detail on his face, where his pores located and some of his facial features. Why he’s controlling the flow of my blood that goes into my heart? Feeling that it’ll explode any moment.

Is the quote altered and suddenly God change my perspective on love and him? What will happen if that is true? I can’t believe it! That would be another chapter of my life, fighting against all odds. What will my parents gonna say about our situation then? Too many questions formulated from my mind that keeps playing on and on.

Until such time, my head hurts and my vision starting to switch to the reality that there were never an us and never will be. 😭

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