It’s Too Risky

From that exact moment
I saw your face in the crowd
You have that confident and proud
I think we were not meant.

Seeing your sweet face
It feels, I received grace
I ask Him, is it you
That I’ll say, I love you?

Feels like I’m drowning in the water
My eyes are getting drooled
Like I saw a beautiful flower
In my mind, am I being fooled?

I don’t have any confidence
I don’t really feel my existence
In love, am I not even confident
‘Cause I don’t have any spice, even a single mint?

My feelings are full of sentiments
Can I go back to the reality
Even if I don’t have those elements
Can I restore my feelings and dignity?

PS: This goes to the man I adore to but he didn’t notice it and we obviously not meant to be because of some legal rules to obey. Thanks for the times that I made myself go on living by being inspired by you. May God bless you more years to live on.

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