Missing Those Days

Traditions and beliefs are instilled within us by our ancestors when we are at a young age. All the stories that repeat all day, all night that they’ve never felt it that it was so boring to listen to. It looks like a broken tape.

I miss those days, the days when there’s no problem in mind, no stress and even no pressures in life, just happiness.

Being happy is a top priority when you’re a kid, you can’t feel any sadness because of the overwhelming gladness in everyone’s faces when they saw you growing and growing and being part of the family as their grandchild or a child. Seeing your grandmother or grandfather even your relatives makes you proud of yourself too being part of the family.

Fighting and losing is part of a child’s experiences to be strong and bold as a human being but with the guidance of their parents.

If you were able to think about all of those memories without a single can make you realize that you are lucky enough to have those experiences that make who we are now.

Climbing a tree is one of child’s activity. Getting those fruits in the wilderness together with friends and colleagues. It’s so fun and no one can ever replace those memories.

For me, the best experience I have when I was a kid is to bond with my brothers and sister even if we were fighting and end up with reconciliation later.

Savoring those moments can even make your tears fall. We’re growing old now, adulting” as they called, we can’t do the things we do when we were young. So, life must go on and explore the world, wee its beauty and love those memories. Have fun reminiscing those and try it sometimes, it makes you mind clear saying,Β “Really? I did these when I was young?”

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