Explore Nadsadjan Falls

A true wonder and beauty of nature sometimes lie within a kilometer from your current position.

Igbaras is one of the municipalities of Iloilo. A province which is rich in natural resources and beautiful spots to visit.

I have experienced trekking and hiking in the said municipality but our group decided this time to chase one of their attractions, the Nadsadjan Falls that is located at Brgy. Passi.

Searching the internet and read all the comments and feedbacks about it, that’s what I do, maybe all of us does before going to a place right?

Somewhat satisfies me after seeing those bunch of pictures.

When we reached Igbaras, we rode on a motorcycle and after that, we have to walk for about 15-20 minutes to the falls and mobile signal is very weak, expect that in rural areas.

Along the way, there were some beautiful spots to take pictures with, the river.

The rocky formation along with the river.

The current of the river is strong enough, so better have your tour guide assist you if you don’t want to cross the river all by yourself and falling into the water.

On our way, we’ve met some policemen and what a surprise, they’re going there also. They’re kind and help us cross the slippery rocks across the river.

Ok, here we go, the falls. It looks so amazing. The water is flowing 100 feet from the top (height). It is quite dangerous to go near where the water is falling because of the strong current that can lead you to death.

Near the falls, it’s like you’re taking shower, the flow of water is super strong and there’s an unending blowing of air from above.

All in all, super worth it. The view and the falls make it wonderful but if you want to go there, please have your tour guide with you because they know what are the do’s and don’ts of the place and take care of the natural wonders of nature by not throwing your garbage anywhere. What you’ve brought there, you should bring it home also except your footsteps.

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