The Beauty of Mt. Igmatongtong

Exploring the other side of Antique specifically Laua-an.

Laua-an is one of the municipalities of Antique that is rich in sugar. In fact, it is the sugar capital of Antique. it produces several kinds of delicacies all throughout the region.

We decided to have an adventure to Mt. Igmatongtong because we want to challenge our self and see the beauty of that mountain and what will be like on top of it.

From our house in Bugasong, one of the municipalities of Antique also. We ride on a tricycle to Barrio Maria and walk for about 30 minutes to reach Brgy. Capnayan. It was a difficult road to ride on a motorcycle, so to be safe, just walk or you can have a ride on one of the motorcycles there.

It has more than 700 MASL and the hike duration could take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The beautiful environment you have in your way to Brgy. Capnayan.

There were some side trips you can take a photo with, the rice terraces and the Capnayan Waterfalls.


On your way, the amazing rice terraces will kiss your eyes for it is so beautiful and it looks like you’re on Banaue.


Another side trip you can have, the Capnayan Waterfalls. It’s amazingly beautiful because the falls is located right in the center of the rice terraces.

As you can see, the mountain was surrounded by a fog and you can barely see the peak.

On the way to the peak of Mt. Igmatongtong.


We take a rest for a while, after a slightly exhausting hike.


From our position, you can see the amazing beauty of the mountain as it greets you welcome.


The rock behind those trails we take, so legitimately amazing. All you can say, “WOW”.


View from the top of Mt. Igmatongtong.


All in all, that was an amazing adventure together with my brother and sister. So much fun and very enjoyable. Super worth it.

Please watch our short video on Mt. Igmatongtong.

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